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Based in Durham in the vibrant heart of North East England we are ideally placed to work with clients and partners across the country, from the South West to the wilds of Highland Scotland, and indeed throughout Europe.

Much of the sub-contracted development work that Hiltonian Media undertakes is on behalf of other designers, developers or in-house teams who are looking to expand their portfolio of services or increase capacity. We are your reliable partner, adding real value and diversity to your business offerings.

Web Development & Programming

Hiltonian Media provides development and programming services to design studios where they don’t have the necessary skills or resources in-house. We can develop large, complex systems (such as our Box Office software) as well as adding the usual array of interactivity to any website.

Whilst the majority of our work is done in PHP, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, we also have experience in other languages such as Java, C++, Haskell and Perl. If your client’s website requires any back-end software to perform its job, we can either develop a custom-built system or, if appropriate, integrate an off-the-shelf or open-source package with your system.

Web Hosting

Running internet infrastructure can be daunting, time-consuming and frustrating,  removing key people from your front-line services. If you don’t want the hastle of providing your customers with your own hosting services, Hiltonian Media can step in with our range of products and platforms.

Content Management

The Sursum Corda Content Management Platform can be white labelled and furnished with your branding. We provide the programming skills and software updates, leaving you to design and edit your customer’s websites (or even let them make the changes!).


If you are a great designer but fear the daunting task of converting your beloved artwork into an actual website, you have come to just the right place! Send us your Photoshop or Fireworks file and we will send you back an (X)HTML & CSS template ready to be deployed in the wild!    Contact us

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