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Domain Names

Nominet Accredited RegistrarDomain names are a memorable address for your website, and are absolutely crucial to your brand. From .com to and from .info to .in, the possibilities are endless, but picking the correct domain names is pivotal to the success of your website.

That’s where Hiltonian Media can help. We offer a range of domain name registration services, providing you with the advice and service you need, and registering your domain names carefully and thoughtfully.

Pricing Information

Choosing your Name

Picking the right domain name is so important that brand ideas can live or die based on whether a suitable domain is available. If you are struggling to find the right domain name for your business, we can carefully lead you through the minefield of gTLDs and ccTLDs and SLDs so that you end up with something memorable and distinctive.

We will also advise you on some of the more nuanced registration requirements of the country-code domain names.

Brand Protection

Registering domain names for different permutations of your brand (including misspellings) and with extensions (e.g. .com, .net, .org,,, .at, .de, etc.) can help protect your company against fraud being committed in your name, such as phishing attacks or passing-off.  But registering every conceivable permutation of your brand name can be time consuming — so why not leave it to us?

Portfolio Management

If you own several domain names, it can be time-consuming remembering to renew them all and updating the contact or nameserver information when organisational changes take place. And perish the thought of allowing one of your valuable domain names to lapse, giving someone else the opportunity snap it up! Take the worry off your mind and let Hiltonian Media take care of your domain portfolio for you.

Domain Name Prices

Customers without a hosting account or CMS license pay an additional admin fee of £8 per domain per year (£9.60 inc. VAT) for the first 10 domain names registered.

Domain Suffixes Price per year, ex. VAT Price per year, inc. VAT
.uk £8 £9.60
.com £18 £21.60
.net £20 £24
.org £20 £24
.info £24 £28.80
Generice.g. .biz, .shop, .online and 400+ more POA – from £16 POA – from £19.20
Geographic e.g. .scot, .wales, .at and 250+ more POA – from £16 POA – from £19.20

All domain names come with free email and web forwarding. As this is a managed service, any changes (including DNS updates) are performed manually by Hiltonian Media. 

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Please note: Some country-code domain names have strict requirements regarding the location of the registrant. We will advise you on this during registration.

Transfer In

You can transfer your existing domain name to us for the appropriate fee for one renewal cycle of that domain (see above). This will extend your domain registration by the length of the renewal period at which point we will continue charging the appropriate renewal fee.

Transfer Out

We do not impose any restrictions on outgoing domain transfers so long as you do not owe us any money. See our Terms & Conditions for details. The same also applies if you wish to change the ownership, nameserver details or contacts for the domain name.

Please contact us for more details about domain name transfers or registration. We look forward to helping!