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Bespoke Software Development

Web Apps

With a strong background in Software Engineering disciplines, Hiltonian Media is well placed to create bespoke web-based software and applications , no matter how simple or complex.

System Integration

Your website can be integrated with your internal systems, or with other web-based software systems. Data can be shared securely and easily within your business workflow.


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Below are some examples of the software Hiltonian Media can produce to provoke your imagination – what could we build for you?

Screenshot of our simple but powerful Content Management System


Content Management System (CMS)

What’s the point of having a website if you can’t keep it up to date? Hiltonian Media has developed a Content Management System from scratch to ensure that it meets the demands and  needs of all our customers. In fact, it is so powerful, we prefer to call it a Content Management Platform.

The platform allows you to take complete control of your website and gives the flexibility to operate it the way you want. The software is capable of running everything from a small, static website to a complete e-commerce or social-networking application.
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Online Box Office & Ticketing Management

When Guildford Cathedral decided that they needed a Box Office management system, they were left underwhelmed by the solutions already on the market.  Either they were too expensive, or provided inadequate functionality, or didn’t provide web integration. Hiltonian Media created a bespoke software package for the Cathedral, ensuring that it met all of their nuanced requirements.

If you are looking for an advanced web-based Box Office or Ticket Management solution, why not give us a call?

Screenshot of Box Office and Ticketing Management web-based system


Screenshot of e-commerce software



There are more e-commerce packages available than you can shake a stick at. But when requirements are very specific it can sometimes be easier to start from scratch.

Hiltonian Media has developed a full e-commerce solution, used by several of our clients, which has evolved over the years to incorporate many advanced features. Due to its modular construction, it is easy to add advanced functionality, such as complicated shipping calculations, on a client-by-client basis.

The package is part of Hiltonian Media’s Content Management Platform.
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