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Website Design & Build

Hiltonian Media will design & develop a website for you that is professional, unique and developed with you — and your customers — in mind. Whether you are looking for a small static website or a complete e-commerce solution, we can create the right website for you at the right price.

Beautiful Design

Whether you want a whole new visual identity or a website that mirrors your existing branding, we will design your website sensitively and ensure that your corporate identity is preserved and respected.

And if you don’t actually have a corporate identity, or are just starting out in business, we can work with you to develop a brand that fully represents your company and attracts attention — for the right reasons!

Built for everyone

It is important (so important, in fact, that it is law) to ensure that your website can be used by visitors who have a disability, such as a visual or motor problem.  The techniques we use to fulfil this requirement are to the benefit of everyone.

Accessible websites are more usable overall, easier to deploy and maintain, and can even benefit from improved search engine rankings!

Designed to last

Hiltonian Media use the latest design techniques and best practice to ensure that your website not only works on existing browsers, but continues to work with the platforms and software of the future for as long as possible.

This durability means that our customers spend less time and money needlessly redeveloping their website, and can instead focus resources on keeping their content fresh.

Refresh or rebuild?

If you already have a website, Hiltonian Media will happily work with you to help maximise its potential, or start from scratch — it’s up to you!

Bespoke Software

Most websites require some advanced functionality, whether it be as simple as a contact form or as complex as a full box-office management system. We’ll work to your exact requirements. find out more


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