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Content Management (CMS)

What’s the point of having a website if you can’t keep it up to date? Hiltonian Media has developed a Content Management System from scratch to ensure that it meets the demands and  needs of all our customers.

In fact, it is so powerful, we prefer to call it a Content Management Platform.

Screenshot of Hiltonian Media's powerful but elegantly simple Content Management System


Sursum Corda is Hiltonian Media’s powerful and innovative Content Management Platform and is available both to our own clients and those of other website developers as a hosted application, which means no complicated installation or configuration as it resides on our servers.

Sursum Corda allows you to take complete control over your website and the flexibility to operate it the way you want. The software is capable of running everything from a small, static website to a complete e-commerce or social-networking application.

Features and Pricing

  Basic Standard Premium
Licence Fee (ex VAT) £22 per month £44 per month £66 per month
Setup Fee If we create your website, there is no setup fee and the first year is free. For websites created by other developers, there will be an onboarding fee, depending on the complexity of the website.
No software installation required Yes Yes Yes
Easy-to-use content editing Yes Basic Yes Yes
Unlimited pages and page depth Yes max. 2 levels Yes Yes
Powerful templating mechanism Yes Yes Yes
Designed for Web accessibility Yes Yes Yes
Modular framework Yes Yes Yes
Search-engine friendly, hierarchical URLs Yes Yes Yes
Hosting package included Bronze Silver Gold
Users, Security and Access Permissions
SSL Certificate Included Yes Yes Yes
Admin users 1 5 Unlimited
Advanced permission management system No Yes Yes
Public registration and login No No Yes
HTML Content Yes Yes Yes
News/Blog Yes Yes Yes
Photo Gallery Yes Yes Yes
Google Maps Yes Basic Yes Yes
Instagram/Twitter feeds No Yes Yes
Events Diary No Yes Yes
Mailing List No Yes Yes
Message Boards No Yes Yes
Features for churches (sermon archive, sermon podcasts, CofE Daily Prayer feed, post-a-prayer, etc.) No Yes Yes
Site Search No No Yes
E-commerce No No Ask
Custom modules/functionality No Ask Ask


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Box Office Edition

Maximise ticket revenue with Hiltonian Media’s web-based Box Office & Ticketing Management Software. Ideal for concert venues, cinemas, civic spaces, cathedrals and anywhere that hosts events that require ticket bookings (paid or free).

Developed as a bespoke system for Guildford Cathedral, it is now available for all our customers. Please contact us for pricing information a demonstration.

E-Commerce Edition

Got something to sell? Our powerful e-commerce software gives your users a bespoke shopping experience and can be tailored to your business requirements. Please contact us for pricing information or to book a demonstration.

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