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Take a few moments to peruse a selection of the websites that Hiltonian Media has created over the years. We’re sure you'll find some that you like — and possibly a few you don’t! 

  • Renvyle Partners

    • Industry Sector: Finance
    • Project Type: Website and rebranding
    • Launched: January 2018
    • Address:

    Renvyle Partners provide retirement and wealth planning advice to clients in the USA. Hiltonian Media guided the client through rebranding, content development and web design, resulting in a beautiful yet striking website that is drawing in new customers.

    Screenshot: Renvyle Partners
  • Disturbia Clothing

    • Industry Sector: Fashion Retail
    • Project Type: E-commerce website
    • Launched: Launched 2003, re-designed annually
    • Address:

    Disturbia produces contemporary clothing and sells through its website. A complete e-commerce system was developed and integrated with artwork supplied by the client. This website has evolved through several iterations since 2003. The latest design, launched September 2015, is fully responsive.

    Screenshot: Disturbia Clothing
  • Durham Castle

    • Industry Sector: Education
    • Project Type: CMS-based website
    • Launched: Summer 2014
    • Address:

    University College is Durham University’s oldest constituent college and occupies Durham Castle, part of the extraordinary Durham World Heritage Site. Hiltonian Media created a website for the college’s alumni association, the Castle Society, aiming to engage members old and new with the college.

    Screenshot: Durham Castle
  • Guildford Cathedral

    • Industry Sector: Religion, Tourism
    • Project Type: CMS-based dynamic website
    • Launched: Summer 2008, redeveloped Summer 2013
    • Address:

    Guildford Cathedral was constructed in the early twentieth Century and is the only Cathedral to be built on a newly-consecrated site in the South of England since the Reformation.

    Includes a bespoke box-office ticket e-sales system.

    Screenshot: Guildford Cathedral
  • Durham World Heritage Site

    Durham Cathedral and Castle were inscribed on the UN World Heritage List in 1986 for their outstanding universal value. For over a year, Hiltonian Media worked with Durham University and Durham Cathedral to prepare an extensive website to attract and educate visitors.

    Screenshot: Durham World Heritage Site
  • Teikyo University of Japan in Durham

    Teikyo University is one of the top universities in Japan. It’s Durham campus provides an opportunity for Japanese students to learn about British and European culture alongside students of Durham University. This website has English and Japanese sections, each with its own distinctive design aimed at a specific demographic of visitor.

    Screenshot: Teikyo University of Japan in Durham
  • Sacristy Press

    • Industry Sector: Publishing
    • Project Type: E-commerce website
    • Launched: Autumn 2011
    • Address:

    Sacristy Press is a new independent publisher of theology based in Durham. Their website is used for the sale of books. A bespoke book and royalty management system is under development.

    Screenshot: Sacristy Press
  • The Song of Hild

    • Industry Sector: Publishing
    • Project Type: Web design
    • Launched: July 2018
    • Address:

    The Song of Hild is a gritty novel about the role of women in the early church in the British Isles, translated from a #1 Danish bestseller. This basic website is designed to draw in potential readers with a free sample chapter and provide extra character and location information.

    Screenshot: The Song of Hild
  • Indeed Network

    • Industry Sector: Science & Technology
    • Project Type: Branding, website
    • Launched: February 2018
    • Address:

    Indeed Network is an EU-funded research programme led by academics at Durham University to develop industrial applications for nanowire technology. Branding was devised and a website developed using imagery and content provided by the client.

    Screenshot: Indeed Network
  • Old Cinema Launderette

    This isn’t just any old launderette. This is a retro-style cafe and gig venue in an old 1930s cinema where you can also get your smalls washed and ironed. Beat that for style. 

    Screenshot: Old Cinema Launderette
  • KJV Sayings

    • Industry Sector: Reference/Publishing
    • Project Type:
    • Launched: 2017
    • Address:

    Author Richard Noble has identified over 550 well-known phrases that have their origins in the KJV. To promote his book, The Writing on the Wall, we worked with our friends over at Sacristy Press to produce this reference website of quotations and idioms to draw in traffic and showcase the book.

    Screenshot: KJV Sayings
  • NanoEmbrace

    • Industry Sector: Research (public sector)
    • Project Type: CMS-based website
    • Launched: Autumn 2014
    • Address:

    NanoEmbrace is a four-year multi-million Euro collaborative research project. A consortium of research and industrial partners are led from Durham University. The project aims to deliver research in four key areas of Nanotechnology: synthesis, modelling, characterisation and integration into device fabrication.

    Screenshot: NanoEmbrace
  • Durham Churches Together

    • Industry Sector: Religion
    • Project Type: CMS-based website
    • Launched: Summer 2014
    • Address:

    If you move into a new area, how do you find the right church for you? Now it’s easy – at least if you move to Durham! Featuring an interactive map and other resources, the website provides a much-needed gateway to churches in the city.

    Screenshot: Durham Churches Together
  • Durham Student Flats

    With two flats to market in a prime location for Durham students, A.L. Myers Properties needed something a little bit quirky, yet simple and functional, to attract tenants during the frenetic house-hunting season. 

    Screenshot: Durham Student Flats
  • Jeff Hopkins | Photographer

    • Industry Sector: Photography
    • Project Type: Gallery Website
    • Launched: Summer 2012
    • Address:

    A photographer’s work must take centre stage without any distractions. Jeff Hopkins’ website does just that, showcasing the very best of his visually rich work.

    Screenshot: Jeff Hopkins | Photographer
  • St Paul’s Winlaton

    • Industry Sector: Religion
    • Project Type: CMS-based website
    • Launched: 2016
    • Address:

    St Paul’s Winlaton is a parish church, and part of the Church of England. We created a friendly and welcoming website to help promote the church’s activities and attract new members.

    Screenshot: St Paul’s Winlaton
  • The Society for Italic Handwriting

    The Society for Italic Handwriting aims to promote the practice of the Italic hand. Past presidents include legendary broadcaster and jazz musician Humphrey Lyttleton, and poet, writer and broadcaster Sir John Betjeman.

    Screenshot: The Society for Italic Handwriting
  • Managerial Storytelling

    “Managerial Storytelling” is an academic research project based at the University of Sunderland. A plain and simple one-page website with animated fold-out sections was developed in a short timescale.

    Screenshot: Managerial Storytelling
  • Richard Hilton

    • Industry Sector: Personal
    • Project Type: Single-page website
    • Launched: Spring 2010
    • Address:

    Richard Hilton is the owner of Hiltonian Media. His personal website has gone through many incarnations since 1998, and this is the latest. Sometimes simple is best.

    Screenshot: Richard Hilton

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