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Generator Test scheduled for Monday 12 December

8th December 2016

The datacentre in which our servers are located has sent us the following advisory:

On Monday 12th December, we will be putting our data centre though a full building load test for up to 6 hours.

This maintenance will involve opening the breakers for the grid supplies and allowing the systems to detect the change and automatically start the generators.

Once the generators have been tested to satisfaction, the mains breaker will be closed again and the generators will spin down shortly after allowing load to be taken up by the mains supply.

We do not expect this test to have any impact for customers, however it should be considered an at-risk period. In the event of a problem we will have the option of switching back to mains power should the need arise.

In line with this message, we do not expect there to be any interruption to web or email services. However, from what we understand, if both the generators and UPS backups fail, there could be an interruption while mains power is reinstated.